API 682 barrier fluid reservoirs for dual mechanical seals


This buffer / barrier fluid reservoir is available in API 682 4th edition 12 and 20 liter versions. The reservoirs can be used with flush plans API 52 or 53A as per API 682. To operate under the API 53A Plan, the barrier fluid tank may be equipped with a manual fluid make up pump. A 12 or 20 liter reservoir is chosen depending on pump shaft diameter as required by the API 682 standard.

The reservoirs are fitted with:

- socket welded ANSI B16.11 #800 block valves;

- ASME B16.5 flanges for barrier fluid IN/OUT lines, drain, fluid make-up and vent connections. Connections may be threaded if specified.

The reservoirs are usually supplied with instrumentation and control for automatic checking of mechanical seal performance and pump shut down in case of mechanical seal failure. The instrumentation and control may include a level sensor, a pressure switch, and a temperature sensor. Sensors and switches are either intrinsically safe or explosion proof depending on customer’s order.

Brief Specifications
Heat Exchanger Type Coil, vertical
Design Pressure 63 bar
Design Temperature 200°

See also: 

  • SO-3 Barrier Fluid Reservoir - a smaller volume barrier/buffer fluid reservoir (tank) for dual mechanical seals, for seal flush plans API52 and API53A. It is modestly priced and can be used when compliance to API 682 is not required.